positive vibes

7 Ways You Can Attract Positive Vibes in Your Life Today

The idea of spreading or attracting positive vibes has been quite a trend lately. People choose to enjoy life more. They are continually evaluating...
things to do when you're bored

10 Productive Things to Do When You’re Seriously Bored

Looking for things to do when you're bored? Let's face it, we all get bored every now and again. No one wants to sit around...
inspirational women

Inspirational Women Who Paved the Way For Equality 

In today's world, we are all struggling to create a reality where equality is stabilized and present. The idea of feminism started as soon...
career change

How to Make a Career Change in Your 30s or 40s

Have you ever felt those Sunday night blues? That feeling of dread that can permeate an entire weekend. As Monday inches closer, in the...
low self-esteem

How GIRLS WHO LIFT Achieve Higher Self-Esteem and Confidence

Why do GIRLS WHO LIFT have Higher Self-Esteem and Confidence? If you’ve ever suffered from low self-esteem, you know how difficult it can be to...
women who lift weights

10 Mind Blowing Stats about Women Who Lift Weights

Want to know her secret? You know, the woman who looks like she never ages, doesn’t even know what stress is, and must get...
natural deodorant

7 Best Natural Deodorant Brands That Actually Work

Smelling good should be about simple ingredients that go into every bottle of perfume or deodorant. So, are you using the best natural deodorant...
green beauty

LOLI Beauty: Holistic Approach to Green Beauty

The following article is part of Like a Boss Girls’ Women’s History Month series, “Women Making History Today”. This article originally appeared as "Interview with...

Glossy spotlight

Donna Summer musical

Meet Ariana DeBose, Star of “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical”

GlossyCover Spotlight: Meet Ariana DeBose, Broadway Star of "Summer: The Donna Summer Musical" Ariana DeBose takes the stage as Donna Summer in the Broadway play...
women entrepreneurs

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in the Wellness Community

Women's History Month may be over but we continue to celebrate women by looking at those who are impacting our lives now. In this spirit,...
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Glossy Girl

Serena Williams

Glossy Girl Serena Williams: Unbeatable On & Off Court

Glossy Girl of the Month: Serena Williams Serena Williams is undoubtedly the best female tennis player in the world. And this just isn't our opinion....
Lindsey Vonn

Glossy Girl: How Olympic Star Lindsey Vonn Personifies Female Empowerment

Glossy Girl of the Month: Lindsey Vonn If you don’t pay for the commercial-free version of Hulu, you’ve likely seen an ad or two that...

Contributed Stories

daily life

How These 4 Small Changes Will Improve Your Daily Life

We get it, the drudgery of daily life can tend to take a toll on all of us. You feel the heavy burden of day to day routines. This stress may manifest itself in different...
creative career

Is It Time to Move into a More Creative Career?

We go to school, we move onto university, and then we’re just happy if we’re able to get a job that allows us to pay the bills. However, after a few years, after we...
Orangetheory Fitness Workouts

How Orangetheory Fitness Can Whip You Into Shape Fast

Now that we are in February, it is safe to say that for most of us, New Year's resolutions are still in view. This includes the ever-popular resolutions to improve health and to lose...
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