Some may feel that reaching middle age comes with drawbacks. Maybe. Rather, we prefer to say that middle age has plenty of amazing benefits. For example–finally, you start to see the fruits of your labor (personally and career-wise). You enjoy seeing your family grow (up). You make larger life decisions with more autonomy. Best of all, gone are the insecurities and sometimes awkward moments of youth. So, what do you think are the top three reason why you feel so great being middle aged? 

middle age

1. Healthy Living is a Priority

As you get older, you finally put achieving a healthy lifestyle as one of your top priorities. You like to eat healthy. You like to look healthy. Therefore, you prioritize exercising and pursuing a fit life.

Sometimes though, you still need to find creative solutions to stay in shape. You may find that you have to negotiate with yourself when and if you are going to do that morning exercise. Or, should you pass on that cheesecake for dessert or cocktail sessions with friends after work? It might be you’re more than willing to head to the doctor to try to resolve embarrassing health problems as soon as they occur. For example, seeing a urologist in the event of kidney stones can be worrying, but absolutely essential and necessary. Healthy living is a fundamental aspect of middle age because this is the time when any neglect will quickly start to pile up. You might have gotten away with self-neglect when you were 25. But now, it is time to act as your best self, and care for your health as a consequence.

2. You’re at Your Creative & Professional Peak

Most careers will begin to ascend towards their peak around your mid 40’s. At the very least, by now you have probably found a direction that works for you. Or, perhaps you are financially ready to give up your day job to pursue your passion, even if it gives you less money.  When the kids have flown the nest, this might be the best solution for your long-term happiness. You first need to identify what a peak or passion means to you, and from there, pursue it with all of your might. After all, purpose and ambition are the two factors that prevent us from getting old, no matter our physical age.

3. You Know Yourself Completely

middle ageMany of us feel that by middle-aged, we should have a pretty good grasp of who we are. That’s fine. But does it mean you cannot change? Does it mean you have explored all of your potentials? Does it mean you’re set on this road until retirement and beyond? Of course not! Never let your age define who you, because it is only a tertiary value, something that has no resemblance to your ambition, drive, interest or willingness to see more in the world. Dropping the need to define yourself completely opens you up to potential, and it’s not hard to see just how healthy that can be.

With these simple tips, you’ll realize that being humbled by middle-aged needn’t happen at all. What a nice surprise!

Feature photo: Joe Gardner / Unsplash

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