If you’re like most women, your hair is your pride and joy and you will try pretty much anything to make it bouncy and shiny. After all, when you’ve got nothing on, your hair is the best thing that you can wear. And so, it deserves the best treatment so that you can wear it, and wear it well. We’re all constantly looking for easy ways to achieve the perfect locks. Try these 4 healthy hair hacks that you’d wish you’d known sooner.

No dry shampoo? No problem!

hair hacks
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Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend. We all know the feeling of needing to wash our hair but simply don’t have the time or energy. Or, patience even to tame it again once it’s washed. Whoever invented dry shampoo has a long line of women around the world who are truly grateful for this miracle. However, what happens if you run out?

Did you know one of our hair hacks can be found in the kitchen? So, if you run out of dry shampoo, corn starch is the next best thing to use. Brush small amounts into your roots and work in well. Simply brush out the bits and you have clean hair! If you do have time to leisurely wash your hair, check out our list of favorite natural shampoos HERE.

Get rid of toxin build up

Did you know that over time your hair follicles become blocked up with any toxins that you’ve ingested? Even smoking can clog your hair follicles and therefore stunt your hair growth and damage the condition of new hair coming through. So, why not treat yourself to a hair detox shampoo? Using a detox shampoo is another of our hair hacks that will help make your mane manageable and beautiful at the same time. You’ll get those long, luscious locks back in no time!

Never leave home without bobby pins

Here’s another one of our hair hacks that we’re sure you’ll agree. Bobby pins are a lifesaver! Especially when you look in the mirror halfway through the day and see the horrific image looking back. You’ve been walking around looking like a bit of a fool with fly aways and lumps and bumps all over your hair. Turn an empty tic-tac box into a container for bobby pins. So, you’ll always have some handy. Plus, they won’t not rolling around at the bottom of your handbag.

Don’t brush your hair

hair hacksMany women make the mistake of brushing their hair immediately after washing it, and before they are about to blow dry it. This is a bit of mistake when it comes to hair care. Your hair is more elastic when it’s wet, but that doesn’t mean it’s strong. Brushing your hair will cause ends with knots to fray and even snap off. Thus, this will leave you with awful dead ends. Save your hair and let it dry naturally for a while. Run your fingers through it to get rid of knots. And then, only once you’ve blow dried your hair can you give it a good old brushing.

Take these four hair hacks into consideration and long gone will be the bad hair days and also slow growth. Love your hair!

Feature photo: Megan Lewis / Unsplash

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