Thankfully, mental health awareness has gained momentum in recent years. As more speak about their own mental health journey, the more mainstream the topic has become. And, best of all, less stigmatized. In truth, more can still be done to raise mental health awareness. The first step is to turn to our own lives and seek to improve our own mental health. As we see it, there are six valuable life-lessons to improve our well-being. Furthermore, there are a few daily actions we can take towards good mental health.


Focus on One Thing at a Time

good mental health woman sad depressed awarenessOur modern world is full of distractions. Perhaps, this is mainly due to all the technology that surrounds us. When you feel like your mind is being pulled in a million different directions at once, this may affect your good mental health. So, try to get out of the habit of multi-tasking. Your mind will thank you for it. Instead of running around trying to think about or do so many things at once, focus on one thing at a time. You can do this even when you are taking part in simple daily activities, like taking a shower. Focus your mind on the shower — the act of shampooing your hair. Then the act of rinsing the suds out. Move on to the act of soaping your body. And, so on. Being mindful with each action will allow you to feel less anxious and stress.

Move Your Body

As you may know, exercise and improved mental health are related. This is not surprising. When you get moving, your body starts to naturally release stress-relieving and mood-boosting chemicals. You should aim towards at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Even if you are the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym, there are other ways to get active. Consider playing a sport, or join a ballroom dance class, or simply go out for a walk with a friend. Not only will you gain increased mobility, but you will gain social advantages as well.

Eat a Good Meal

They say that you are what you eat, and it is certainly true. If you spend all day binging on junk food, this will not do well for maintaining good mental health. Essentially, you should be looking for a balanced diet between carbohydrates, protein, and fruit and vegetables. Also, you should be focusing on the foods which are loaded with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids as these have been shown to have mood-boosting qualities.

Go to Bed Earlier

good mental health awareness woman sleeping bedIf you don’t get enough sleep on a nightly basis, this can have a major negative effect when it comes to your overall mood. Just going to bed a little earlier can end up making all the difference. It may take some time to adjust your body clock. But, you can take some steps to help you sleep better at night. Reducing your caffeine intake late in the day. Also, cut down on the alcohol consumption. Both caffeine and alcohol can affect your overall sleep pattern. 

Improving and boosting good mental health starts with the small actions which you take on a daily basis. By starting with your own mental health awareness and care, you are saying to yourself that you are worthy and deserving. Self-care is important and it starts with you! Take care!

Feature photo: Yoann Boyer / Unsplash

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