Forget About Dinner on Valentine’s Day

Love is love. Valentine’s Day simply reinforces how we should love on a daily basis. Whether you are currently romantically linked or simply want to make Valentine’s Day a girls’ night out, make the most out it! Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, being around love, and feeling the love. Love does not need a label, so don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously. Just love and be loved with whom you choose. Below are some awesome alternative date ideas to try instead of your typical dinner date. Most importantly, have fun!


Go to the Local Farmer’s Market

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year so perhaps you might have to wait until the weekend to visit your local farmer’s market. However, farmer’s markets are a great place to go if you are in the mood for fresh produce or healthy treats. Google the area you live in to find local farmers markets and make a date out of it. From farm fresh vegetables, homemade banana nut muffins, and artisanal cheese, there are many delicious foods from which to choose. Collect gourmet goodies so the two of you can create a meal together. Pick out a bouquet of beautiful flowers and delectable dessert!

Spend a Spa Day with Your Sweetheart

Valentine's DayWhat’s better than a spa day? Spa days are great because they are relaxing and rejuvenating. Either make a spa date at your home (make homemade face masks, take a romantic bath with essential oils and candles) or go to a spa with your sweetie and get some massages. This option is definitely a better thing to do instead of dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Indulge in the Arts

Valentine's DayWe sometimes forget about the beauty of the arts. Go to the local art museum. Wander aimlessly hand in hand as you gaze at gorgeous masterpieces. If the museum has an outdoor garden, take the time to wander through a maze of blooming roses and bluebells. Sit on a garden bench and take in the peaceful serenity that this natural setting provides. Or, visit the theater to watch a ballet or orchestra. Make sure to see a love story! After indulging in the arts all day, head on over to a cafe afterwards for coffee or tea and dessert.

Create the Perfect Picnic

The more the merrier. Get your friends, family, and neighbors all together for this unique picnic idea. Valentine’s Day is about togetherness and spreading the love. So, consider going to the beach or park if the weather permits. Take time together to play around outdoors. Bring along card games, volleyball, soccer ball, or other recreational toys to help engage all your picnic participants.

Don’t Pass on the Presents

Presents are always fun to give and receive. Valentine’s Day perhaps is synonymous to heart-shaped chocolate boxes. However, instead of the typical chocolate truffles and flowers, try giving these gifts instead. How about a couples workout class program (this way it is interactive and beneficial for the both of you)? Or spend time baking homemade red velvet cupcakes for your loved one? Even a hand written poem from your heart will be sweet and cherished.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, focus on the person in front of you. Give them your full attention and love. Even if you’re staying in, ordering takeout, and binge watching a couple Netflix episodes, it’s all about hanging out with your loved one. And spending quality time together is one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day and every day afterwards.

Feature photo:Brigitte Tohm/Unsplash

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  1. @Trinity Glad to be of help. There’s more to life than candlelit dinners, right?


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