Degree or no degree, that is the question. Some career experts are quick to point out that you don’t need a college or vocational degree to go far in life. This may be true, but having one can help you find some pretty amazing jobs. The vital thing is to look for degrees that will actually help you land a job and allow you to follow your passion at the same time. Following are strong college or vocational degrees to consider:


college degree vocational degrees graduate library studentsLaw

Law degrees are very popular as they tend to help you find a job almost directly after leaving university. This is because all law-related jobs make it essential for you to have a relevant degree before you even consider applying for them. Why? Well, it’s probably because the world of law is incredibly complex and requires expert knowledge of specific rules and legal requirements. It’s a tough degree to get, but if you study law, then you will open up your career options and likely find work shortly after leaving university.


Much like a law degree, a medical degree will almost ensure you walk into a job right after you’ve finished studying. There are so many different roles you can take on when you have a degree in medicine. The options are wide open, from a standard GP to a more advanced doctor specializing in a specific field. 


Dentistry degrees are pretty similar to medical degrees in that they deal in the healthcare industry. The difference here is that you’ll be training to only deal with dental issues and issues with the mouth. It’s a hard degree, one of the hardest around, but a highly rewarding one. Dentists can find work pretty quickly, and they usually have roles lines up straight after they achieve their degree. Thinking further ahead to the future and consider yourself starting your own dental practice and become a business owner.

Hospitality Management

Some college degrees are very broad, which is why they’re not ideal for finding a job right away. However, if you study to receive a bachelor of hospitality management, then you’re getting a vocational degree that sets up a direct path in one of the world’s biggest industries. Hospitality management degrees can lead to so many jobs, including hotel manager roles and other high-up positions. It’s the type of degree you should only think about if you have clear goals of achieving a successful career in this sector. If you do, then it’s the perfect educational accolade for you!


college degree vocational degrees graduate studentsThere are plenty of engineering degrees out there that will help you find a job almost immediately. Again, this is because the skills required to become an engineer are pretty advanced. It’s not the type of job you can just walk into with a few weeks of training. You need to study for years and develop the necessary skills. But, when you do, you can find many different jobs by specializing in a particular area of engineering.

If you think obtaining a college or vocational degree is the right path for you, then make sure you choose a degree that’ll actually increase your chances of finding work. Good luck out there!

Feature photo: Clay Banks / Unsplash

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