When you think about your current lifestyle, do you feel happy and satisfied, or do you feel like there are many improvements to be made? The only thing with making a lifestyle change, is that it can be tough to stick to new habits. You need to be fully committed to your new lifestyle, and willing to wave goodbye to your old one if you’re going to change your life.

Why commit to a lifestyle change? You can live longer, feel better, get better at everyday activities, and of course, look better. Why wouldn’t you commit to a lifestyle change if you knew you could be the best version of yourself? If you knew that you could fly on private jets regularly by using an app like Jettly, I’m sure you would try your hardest to live a lifestyle that allowed you to do that. And if you’re already living that lifestyle, then well done!

This guide is going to help you make the lifestyle change you’ve been thinking about in 7 simple and effective steps:

Step 1: Make a List of the Changes You Want

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of the changes you need to make. Don’t delay this step. Go and grab that piece of paper now, or chances are, you’ll never do it. Do you need to quit smoking? Stop excessive drinking? Cut back on the amount of fast food you eat each week? Incorporate exercise? Be completely honest with yourself and write it all down. Don’t let the length of your list overwhelm you, as you don’t have to do everything at once.

Step 2: Come Up an Action Plan

Now it’s time to come up with a plan of action. Will you go to a quitting smoking support group to make sure you stick to your new lifestyle? Maybe you’ll join a gym to ensure you feel compelled to incorporate exercise? However, you may find it even easier to break down the things on your list into even smaller steps. For example: try out different gyms. Sign up to the gym that you like the best. Attend PiYo classes, yoga classes, and HIIT classes to see what you like the best. Commit to exercise 3 times per week. The smaller you make the steps, the more manageable your goals will seem.

Step 3: Visualize the New You Daily

Oprah Winfrey believes in the power of the mind to change reality. She said, “You really can change your reality based on the way you think.” Take a couple of minutes in the morning and a couple of minutes in the evening to visualize and think of the new you. The image may not be clear at first, but the more you practice, the clearer it will be come. Many successful people use this strategy to achieve their goals.

Step 4: Change the Way You Talk About Yourself

Change your language to change your life. Use more positive words and phrasing and you will start to think of yourself differently, which can make the world of difference. Say positive affirmations every day. Believe in the new words you are saying to yourself.

Step 5: Take One Small Step Every Day

Take one small step every day to change your lifestyle. Think baby steps. According to Entrepreneur.com, “Instead of quitting cold turkey, reduce the frequency or intensity of your habit slowly, piece by piece, in manageable chunks.” Instead of thinking you can change in one day, do something small towards your goal every single day.

Step 6: Come Up with a Strong Reason Why

Everybody needs a strong reason why, or they simply won’t stick to their new lifestyle. What’s your ‘why’? Make sure it is compelling and personal to you. Make it realistic.

Step 7: Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to achieving almost anything. Entrepreneur.com also says, “If you can consistently follow your outlined plan, eventually the process will become automatic to you.” You may make a mistake, but don’t let it throw you off completely. You’re one decision away from a new life.

Making a whole new lifestyle change can be scary. There is no guarantee. However, if you truly feel that it is time to make a change, then why not give it a try? Make a list of the change(s) you want to make and come up with an action plan. Visualize the new you and support this new you with positive affirmations. Come up a solid reason why you want the change(s) and take a step towards your goal every day. Overall, stick to it and be consistent! You will surprise yourself once your little steps add up to a journey that was worth taking.

Let us know what you want to change and what we can do to help!

Feature photo: Daria Litvinova / Unsplash

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