When searching for that perfect shade of rose-colored lipstick, why not try the following 7 must-have healthy and natural brands:

Go bold with Ilia

The first must-have natural lipstick is made by Ilia.  Ilia carries lipstick colors that are bold, direct, and modern. They are creamy to the touch and are encased in a recycled aluminum case. In addition, Ilia lipsticks contain around 80% of bioactive organic ingredients, making it a perfect choice of lipstick to use on your next given social event.

Hemp Organics Lipstick

For a luscious yet healthy, natural must-have lipstick brand with 95% certified organic ingredients as well as no petrochemicals, try the Rose Petal lipstick by Hemp Organics. You can buy them for as low as $12 a piece at Amazon and enjoy the colorful goodness on a daily basis!

Long-lasting lip color by Lotus Pure 

When you need a classic red lipstick, try the must-have healthy and natural lipstick by Lotus Pure. Certified Organic by the USDA, it is made without any parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances to overwhelm your beautiful lips. Ecocult.com adds that this lipstick brand is, “Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, Lotus has created a super hydrating formula, loaded with antioxidants. The vibrant color is derived from all-natural fruit pigment.” Lotus Pure has many colors to choose from. Since they are also made with essential oils and pure minerals, it doubles as a nourishing moisturizer just as much as a healthy lipstick.

Lip crayons by Burt’s Bees 

Burt’s Bees has been around for a while and they keep coming back for more. These must-have healthy and natural lipsticks require no effort to putting them on and staying on your lips. Ecocult.com adds that, “Made with Shea butter, kendi oil and jojoba oil, this hydrating lip crayon will leave your lips looking and feeling soft and conditioned. 100 percent natural Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons contain no added flavor or fragrance and are available in a range of shades, from neutral to bold red.”

Alima Pure

Clean makeup is all about purity, and Alima Pure does just that with their healthy and natural lipstick options. Try their must-have Velvet color which is luxuriously elegant. Alima Pure is all about the smooth texture that nourishes the lips and lasts for hours on end. These natural lipsticks hydrate and soothe your lips to provide an effortless shade of beauty. A tube of lipstick can be purchased at Sephora for around $30.

Au Naturale

There is something totally healthy about this must-have Au Natural lipstick brand. It is vegan! With the organic avocado oil and cocoa butter, you get a luscious lipstick that repairs the skin as well as provides a colorful burst of shimmer. With added macadamia nut oil, you will be getting your money’s worth as this lipstick brand carries lipsticks that will satisfy any pair of lips in need of some long-lasting color and moisturizer.

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation

These must-have and versatile lipsticks double as a lip stain as well as a lip gloss. They are healthy and natural too, as their toxicity rate is on the low scale. Shop for them on Amazon for as low as 20 bucks per stick.

The next time you are on the lookout for safe healthy and natural lipstick brands that offer high-quality and eco-conscious ingredients, keep this list handy for your next go-to lipstick color. Happy smiling and smooching with these beautifully nourishing lipsticks!

Feature photo:
Alejandra Higareda

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