We’ve been told for many years that eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other plants will nourish our bodies, making us look and feel beautiful from the inside out. What we might not know is that the plants we consume can also be applied topically to our skin through oils and extracts to fight signs of aging, aid in healing skin ailments, and to make us look and feel our absolute best! Below are 7 plants with amazing beauty benefits.


Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of rose bushes and can do wonders for the health and appearance of our skin. A natural moisturizer, rosehip seed oil contains the same fatty acids that are found in most moisturizers, but without all the other nasty chemicals. Rosehip seed oil contains vitamins A and C, which prevents signs of aging, repairs skin, and fades scarring. It gives an antioxidant boost without clogging pores or weighing down our skin. This miracle oil is also known to tighten pores and brighten skin. Tons of celebs use Rosehip oil as their daily moisturizer, including former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr (who has the most perfect skin ever.)


Chamomile is best known for soothing irritated skin and for decreasing redness, as it is a natural skin lightener. It can also lighten our hair!

Green Tea

As you may know, green tea is loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants have been found to reactivate dying skin cells on the surface of your skin, leaving you looking smooth and glowing. Green tea can be applied like a toner to treat oily skin through the reduction of the production of sebum (what makes your skin oily.) Dry green tea leaves can be used as a light exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. I like to cut open a bag of green tea and mix it with a little bit of honey to create my own scrub. Green tea naturally contains caffeine, which can reduce inflammation and puffiness.


Licorice is another ingredient that helps to diminish discoloration in our skin. It can eliminate under eye circles, dark spots, and sun damage.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black cumin seed oil was Cleopatra’s secret to youth. What more evidence do you need before you jump on the bandwagon? Black cumin seed oil has smoothing properties and it can even treat eczema. It also has anti-bacterial properties so the oil has the ability to treat and prevent acne breakouts.


Soy Extract is a true skincare chameleon. It is equally beneficial for those with dry skin and oily skin. But, what is most impressive is the fact that it can be used on combination skin too. Soy extract will moisturize dry areas of your skin while decreasing oil production on other areas of your face.


Oatmeal is the ultimate soothing ingredient. When mixed with cold water oatmeal can soothe burns, rash, redness, dryness, eczema, and itchiness. Oatmeal also contains high levels of fat, which provides our skin with moisture.

So, next time you are in the grocery store, throw a few of these plants into your cart and give them a try. Let us know your favorite plants and the beauty benefits that you received.

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Kelly Jean

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