Crossing the 40 mark would make you more mature and responsible mentally, but physically, you will start to notices changes. Though aging is a natural process and you can’t stop it, it is definitely possible to delay it a bit! Entering the 40 club would call for some changes in your lifestyle and eating habits as this is the time when you can either go with the age or hold the youth for longer period.

Weight gain and loss of youthful glow are two main concerns for the women entering their forties. Reduced metabolism and hormonal changes would reflect in your skin, hair and body. However, the weight gain after 40 is not just due to hormonal imbalance, slow metabolism or approaching menopause but it is also because of reduced activity level. Women after 40 may go for a health makeover to stay young, slim, check the health risks and ease out menopausal symptoms.

You may find your own reason for this lifestyle and diet makeover but the result would be the same – Healthy and youthful aging!

Keep an eye on your calories

age 40

When you are young and active, your metabolism is well in place. Small deviation from diet doesn’t have a huge impact on your weight.  However, when you have reached your forties, the metabolism takes a dip. You can easily put on a couple of pounds when you keep your diet regime the same, so think what will happen if you add extra calories to it! Increasing your calorie intake by merely 100 calories would also show whooping 10 pounds weight gain in one year. These 100 calories are very easy to consume from a chocolate bar, glass of aerated drink or that small scoop of ice-cream. No need to cut down completely on your favorite foods but undertake a proper exercise routine to burn this extra calorie intake as well.

Fibers, fluids and flushing of toxins

Your body has played its part to keep you going, now it’s your turn to fuel it back with healthy foods that keep the organ systems running. Digestive system is the key system that decides your day to day health and activity level. Good digestion of food would help your body absorb all the nutrition to be used for the proper functioning of body. The waste needs to be flushed out from the body and that is possible by adding more fibers and fluids to your diet. Fibers and fluids would boost digestion and help throw out the waste from your body efficiently.

If you can’t control what to eat then control when to eat!

The favorites remain favorites even if you cross 40 and that is also true for your food choices. You may love that extra scoop of ice-cream and big piece of pizza. You don’t need to stop enjoying your favorite food after 40 but you can always find a better time to have it. Including calorie rich food in your dinner or post dinner would reflect on your hips, thighs and tummy.  Suggestion is to have these foods during early hours of the day so you have enough time to burn off the calories during the day.

Listen to your body

Your body will signal much before the actual damage takes place. If you are experiencing unnecessary fatigue or sleep deprivation, then take proper rest and include more protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet.  Joint pain can mean lack of vitamin D and calcium. Opt for the wholesome diet that takes care of your body needs. If the problem still persists, then approach a doctor without wasting time as regular health checkups are strongly recommended after the age of 40.

Go Heart Healthy

Pre-menopausal symptoms will start appearing once you touch your 40s. Decline in natural estrogen would make your heart vulnerable to various problems and now you cannot go easy on your diet. Go heart healthy by making your diet rich in omega 3 fatty acid that fights bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol levels in your body. Reduce fat consumption as this will also affect the cholesterol levels.

Embrace your age with grace, you can feel younger if you have a healthy and fit body. Fitness is not just about looking good, it is also about feeling good!

Guest Post By:  Karishma Pandey, currently working as a content editor for IshaPur Turmeric Curcumin Shop, a health brand that promotes Turmeric Curcumin extract, helps to relief joint pains.


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