Have you ever head of something referred to as “social jet lag”? Though you may not know what this is, we’re willing to bet that you’ve felt it, or are currently feeling it. The Guardian tells us about how we force our bodies into unnatural routines during the work week and then ease them back to normal on the weekends. Unfortunately, It’s far more complicated than just putting the IPhone away before bed.

“Sleep is surprisingly little understood. Scientists still haven’t agreed on how it evolved, or what its purpose is. What we do know, however, is that it is vital – and that many of us aren’t getting enough.

This is partly a symptom of what I call “the great acceleration” – the speeding up of everyday life, driven largely by technology. As we work and play harder, sleep gets squeezed out. Studies show that we’re getting less and worse sleep: in one survey only 15% of Britons said they felt refreshed by it…” Read More

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