We all know that exercise is good for us. We are preached to about the benefits of working out regularly, yet we still drag our butts and complain when we have to do it. What if I told you that there has recently been proof for even more reason to get to the gym? It’s true, recent studies have shown that working out can help reduce the risk of many different kinds of cancers.


Exercise can reduce risk of cancer

exercise reduce risk of cancer running coupleA new study has determined that only a few hours of exercise a week can greatly reduce your risk of 13 different cancers. The study consisted of 1.44 million participants. It took place over a timeline of more than 15 years (1987-2004). The participants ranged in age from 19 to 98, and 57% of them were female.

The most interesting part of the study is that the risk of many cancers was reduced in those who exercised in their leisure time, regardless of body weight or smoking habits. Those who were a healthy weight and those who were overweight had the same results showing a lower cancer risk. This was also the case for smokers and nonsmokers. So, the study showed a direct correlation between exercise and lower cancer risks.

Up to 13 different cancers

Another fascinating part of the study is that they found that the more you exercise, the more you are reducing your risk of these 13 different cancers. Not only that, but there was no cap on the benefit. So, the more you workout, the less likely you are to get some of the worst and most deadly cancers. This is great news for those who already workout almost every day. Your efforts are going to reward you in many more ways down the road.

This new study is not completely surprising. We have always known that exercise can help reduce the risk of many diseases and cancers. We have already established that exercising can reduce the risk of breast, colon, and endometrial cancers. But now, the list has gone up by 10 different cancers. The reason why is a little bit blurry, as it was not determined a cause and effect relationship. Exercise is known for lowering estrogen and insulin, which are both risk factors of different kinds of cancers.

Do you want to help your body and lower your risk for cancer later on? All you have to do is increase your physical activity every week. You can workout a few hours on a weekly basis. Essentially, as you pursue this fit lifestyle, you’re lowering your chances of cancer. You never hear anyone say, “I really regret that workout,” for a reason. The benefits can last a lifetime.

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