Photo: Roberto Ligresti

Nothing attracts attention like a bold eye when it comes to your makeup look. This spring it’s all about color and texture when it comes to eye shadow, according to makeup artist Vanessa Evelyn. Here are her tips for making the best use of eye shadow and to create your most stunning eyes yet.


Photo: Roberto Ligresti

There’s no shortage of shades this season when it comes to dressing up your eyes, according to Vanessa. Some hues that are hot right now? Rose, papaya, mango, sky and aqua are all currently on trend. And while color is key, Vanessa also notes how the looks are bolder. “We are seeing the use of a lot of glitter, lots of neons, golds, and warmer pastels. It’s all very exciting.”

And just who are these colors best for? Vanessa encourages anyone to try these shades. “Despite the notion, we no longer have to succumb to matching our eye shadows to one’s eye color. Anyone can wear any shade if the eye shadow is applied to suit the individual best. It’s all in the application,” she says.

Now that you’ve got your eye shadow shades down pat, what is the best makeup to pair these colors with? Vanessa notes that if the focus is on the eye shadow, it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup somewhat neutral in order to counteract the boldness of the eye. “It’s best to pair the eye shadow with subtle hues. Flesh tones are always a nice counterpart.”

Go Glossy

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

If you’re looking to oomph the eye ante for a bolder, glamorous look, say for nighttime, Vanessa suggests adding a little bit of Vaseline to the eye shadow. This will add some shimmer and shine. “Don’t be afraid of a little smudging,” Vanessa encourages. Any other trends/tips for the eyes for Spring:

Where there’s Smoke

The ever-popular smokey eye look is another look that seems to not be going away. But Vanessa gives us a tip on how to execute it to perfection. Instead of just applying the traditional black shadow on the lid, she suggests using the black shadow as a base instead. She then recommends adding a color of choice on top of the bases, applying it in a circular motion. Vanessa cautions that “blending is very important here.”

Around the Rim

According to Vanessa, there’s a new trend that’s really hot right now called rimming, which is essentially adding a little iridescent in the corner of the tear ducts and along the water lines. This is a look celebrities are taking an eye to recently. She says this look can be achieved by using a larger-than-normal eye shadow brush to sweep the color across the entire lid. The final result? One very even and soft stroke.

Bleached Brows

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

Vanessa is personally a fan of bleaching the eyebrows to oblivion. While she admits that the look is not for everyone, she says it’s something that can really intensify a look and adds a modern touch. But if you’re like most and considering bleaching to be too extreme, she says that you can also achieve this look by brushing onto the eyebrows a mascara shade lighter than the hairs of your natural eyebrows.

Vanessa Evelyn is a British-born makeup artist who has worked with celebrities such as Viola Davis, Milla Jovovich, Nicole Richie, Alanis Morrisette, Zoe Kravitz, Tyra Banks, Padma Lakshmi, and the legendary Etta James, to name a few. Her work has appeared in ItalianVogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Interview, and British Elle, among other esteemed publications. To see more of her work, go to

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