New Flower Infused Jelly Lipsticks Instagram is Buzzing About

Kalijumei lipsticks

These Jelly Lipsticks are quickly becoming a favorite of makeup and beauty lovers.

Lips are smacking about the hottest trend in lipstick this summer. What’s this trend that has the makeup-loving internet into a frenzy? Instagrammers can’t get enough of it.  We’re talking about flower-infused Jelly lipsticks. Created by the China-based company Kailijumei, these pout-perfect tubes of lipstick are almost too pretty to use. While they appear clear in color, the shade actually changes based on your body temperature, a la the mood ring craze of some of our youths. The clear gel contains actual, once-living, dried flowers and buttery flakes of gold. They are currently available in four shades:

  • Barbie Doll Powder
  • Minutemaid
  • Flame Red
  • Hot Pink

Flower infused jelly lipsticks

These colors are most appropriate for those who wear lighter shade lipsticks.  Ingredients for these chic lipsticks are: candelilla resin, cocoa butter, beeswax, and lavender oil.

In addition, there is a line of plain jelly lipsticks that have the same clear appearance as the Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick lineup – although they don’t have the flower inside. There are four different colors available but you can’t choose your color as Kailijumei picks it automatically for you when you check out.

Where and how do you buy these Kailijumei jelly lipsticks?

Good luck getting your hands on these hot tubes—they’re already out of stock on the company’s website. But you may be able to find them on Amazon pack of 3 colors for $28.99.  Order them before they run out again.

If you’re looking for fun ways to mix up your makeup collection, check out these jelly lipsticks on Instagram.  We are definitely excited about this new lipstick line.

Liz HazardWritten By, Liz Hazard

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