Is your cardio getting boring? If hitting the treadmill and weights feels like going to the dentist, you’ll feel the burn more and have less tolerance for your workout. POUND fitness is here to revitalize your cardio and bring back the joy of getting fit and staying active.

“POUND!?” What Is It?

POUND is a new, popular workout that’s both cardio and strength-building. It’s fast-paced Pilates by air drumming. That’s right – air drumming – the thing you do with friends when you’re acting silly. Pound Rockout Workout turned it into a serious workout. Using special workout drumsticks, called “Ripstix,” you work your arms, core, legs, hips, and most muscles below your torso.

How Healthy Is It?

The founders of POUND boast its ability to burn more than 900 calories each hour you’re furiously drumming the air. You’re constantly turning and changing poses – there’s no chance you’re monotonously repeating movements or getting stuck in uncomfortable positions. You’ll definitely get a full-body workout since you’re lunging, twisting, and quickly doing quasi yoga bends and stretches while drumming continuously. You’ll spend a good time squatting, which targets under-focused muscle groups, like your inner thighs.

In a 15 to 30-person group, you’re doing intense choreography trying to keep with the rhythm of the energetic music. This improves your agility, coordination, reflexes, and strength. You won’t get tired or bored while you ab-twist and drum with everyone around you to fast beats. Why? New research found that women who listened to music they liked while working out had higher workout pain tolerance. The fun, energetic tunes are so effective at keeping the pain away that fitness reporters thought the workout was too light and went by too fast, but felt the aches for the next two days!

POUND Fitness
Photo credit: www.Rockfitness.biz

It’s Good for Your Brain Too!

POUND can heal your mind and nurture your emotions. Doctors found that drumming “produces pleasurable experiences…” and heals emotional trauma. It lessens any tendencies to isolate yourself and makes you feel connected to others. It also makes you more spiritual. They even found that drumming exercises help heal addiction.

POUND also makes you smarter! Researchers also found that drummers scored higher on intelligence assessments than non-rhythmically trained people. They believe training your ability to keep a steady beat increases your problem solving. Since you’re rapidly drumming to the beat trying to stay in sync, you’re working out your brain too!

POUND is an intense full-body workout – but it’s so fun you won’t feel a thing! It’s good for your body and your brain because it challenges your mind, unlike monotonously running on the treadmill. It also builds your strength while satisfying your weekly cardio requirements – no wonder it’s spreading like wildfire across the states. Try it at your local gym today and you’ll keep coming back for more.


Written By: Justin Vict

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