It is common knowledge that eating healthy and exercising regularly can help us maintain a long and healthy life. But, when you look at the data, few women in their 30s are following certain health habits to reach and maintain their best health. Thirty-somethings aren’t eating enough whole grains, doing enough vigorous exercise, or consuming the recommended amount of fiber.

Your thirties are a crucial time. Let’s face it, you’re past your twenties. Your 20s was a time when you could do pretty much whatever you wanted to your body, and it would bounce back. During your thirties, your body matures and goes through some changes. In fact, many women in their 30s choose to have children and raise families. With postpartum stresses that may change the body, women truly need to maintain (or better) their overall health and wellness. So, if you want to stave off middle age for as long as possible, you need to follow certain health habits to increase your chances of living your best life. 

Meditation is a Must

The science of meditation shows that it has a profound effect on stress and anxiety levels. The more people meditate, the less stressed they feel. Being calm has all kinds of knock-on effects. For starters, meditation decreases the overstimulation of the HPA axis, a biological system involved in stress response. The lower the stress you experience through this system, the better your health outcomes. But, perhaps more importantly for women in their 30s, they can avoid getting into a pattern of daily stress and fatigue. Such constant stress can get in the way of achieving overall lifestyle goals. It’s hard to cook healthy meals and go to the gym when you’re feeling anxious and panicked by work and family. Make meditation one of your daily health habits.

Turn Down The Volume

One of the crucial health habits that women in their 30s tend to overlook is their hearing. If you love music, it can be tempting to listen to it at full volume. But, science says that blasting music into your ears above 85 decibels for more than a few minutes at a time could lead to permanent damage. Some experts believe that loud noises are the leading cause of hearing loss, besides aging. You can learn more about how to futureproof your ears from many professional medical websites.

Low-Intensity Cardio is OK Too

While there’s a lot of science backing up the benefits of HIIT (or high-intensity interval training), it’s not the only fitness approach for women in their 30s. Science also shows that low-intensity physical activity can have profound health benefits as well as reducing cortisol levels.

Want to experience the benefits yourself? Choose an activity you love, like rowing and cycling, and do it for about 60 minutes at an intensity that gets your heart rate to around 60 percent of its maximum. If you’re 35, your maximum heart rate should be about 185. 60 percent of 185 is 111, so shoot for that. You’ll be surprised just how energized and happy you feel after. Plus, you won’t fear the exercise: it’ll feel good.

Women in their 30s are amazing. Many are starting families and ramping up a successful career. However, with the every day hectic pace of work and family life, sometimes they forget to follow certain health habits to maintain their best health. Make the time! Your future you with thank you!

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