Written By:  Levita Galinsky

There are always prudently auspicious signs for those that pay attention which tell you that you are in a healthy, committed relationship. Some signs are obvious while others are more intricate to uncover. The basic goal for each couple is to create and maintain a long-term partnership which offers each of you a satisfying union that gets stronger over time. To find out what signs to look for in any given healthy relationship, follow on below:

  1. You are both open in expressing yourself freely

If you are in a healthy relationship you are able to be yourself. This means you contain inner self-esteem in a way that gives you peace and clarity in your sense of self as a whole. Being honest with one another opens up the channel for proper communication, trust, and awareness of each other’s priorities. Realsimple.com adds that, “Relationships thrive when couples can express themselves freely and honestly.” Being able to be committed to each other through communication without any pretenses encourages the growth of your given relationship. In essence, if you both treat each other with care and appreciation through expressing yourselves freely, these become your building blocks for a strong relationship for the future.

2. You are intimate with one another

Intimacy is deceiving to some. It is not solely the physical act of sex, which is important in a healthy relationship but doesn’t overshadow intimacy. Intimacy is a deeper connection which solidifies your union through close bonding, which builds up your friendship and understanding. Do you play with each other, bounce off jokes, or use words to describe each other with kindness and respect? Through intimacy you are able to be fulfilled not only in the physical aspect, but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well. This combination encourages feelings of satisfaction within a healthy relationship.

3. Your morals and core values match up

People want different things out of life. Some take pride in the academia world while others desire to travel around the world. Whatever passions you contain, make sure you and your partner are on the same page of morals and values. Especially crucial for future goals, if one of you wants children while the other does not, in the long run there will be a possibility for arguments or a nasty breakup. Make sure you each have a conversation regarding what you individually desire to accomplish. If you have more common goals than non-common goals, congrats! This solidifies your relationship one step further into the “healthy signs” category.

4. You make joint decisions

In a healthy relationship, one partner does not automatically enforce all of the rules while the other blindly follows. This is more than simply making compromises. Here you both really learn to understand what is best for the relationship to prosper. Even though we are complex individuals, at our core, we still desire a connection of understanding; so, if the two of you understand each other or even care enough to try to understand, you have succeeded and this is another sign of a healthy relationship. Understanding can be broken down into feelings of safety with one another. Do you feel safe coming to one another to discuss an issue where decisions have to be made? Here you additionally learn more about each other’s intelligence and level of maturity. If you both can master sympathetic listening all the while respecting each other through understanding each other’s uniquely diverse perspectives, you are on the right track of creating and maintaining a healthy relationship.

5. You maintain your own identity

A strong and healthy relationship or union involves two strong individuals coming together who know who they are and what they want. However, getting involved in a serious relationship can adversely affect your sense of self if you are not sure who you are as an individual. In a successful union, both people involved are aware of their own identity. They can individually enjoy their own company by doing their own thing with confidence nonetheless. For instance, you each are passionate about pursuing your own interests; this gives you both the opportunity to grow and evolve as individuals. Quality time apart can thus enhance your overall relationship. In essence, you will be able to be more collectively content through your individual pursuits.

At the end of the day, there are signs that you can look into in order to see if your relationship is healthy and on the right road to longevity. Remember to maintain your sense of self, spend quality time together and apart, be open and honest with each other, and keep growing as a couple. Create intimacy on a daily basis by being present with each other which will transform your union into a mutually fulfilling experience over time.

LavitaBy:  Levita Galinsky

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