New Year's Resolution

This time of the year, New Year’s resolution are all the rage. The gyms are crowded, your fridge is full of fresh herbs and vegetables, and everyone is feeling great about their clean slate. But let us fast forward one or two months. Your trial fitness membership has expired and your binge-watching The Walking Dead while your microwave chimes in that your frozen Mac and Cheese still needs another 2 minutes.   It’s not glamorous, but it is often the case. Lucky for you, its still early to make the proper changes. 2017 is your year to shine. It is your year to stay true to your resolutions. So, how do we do it? The key is using the word ‘RESOLVE.’
  • Realistic goals
    Your goals need to be what YOU want to attain – not what your boyfriend, your mother, or anybody else want. Put some thought into these goals, but limit them to 1-3. This way you are focusing your efforts on the goals you truly want. Also, by breaking down these goals into smaller objectives allow them to become more attainable. For example, your goal may be to lose 30lbs this year. With such a big mission, it may become overwhelming to reach. Instead, set mini goals to lose 2.5lbs each month.
  • Evaluate your progress
    Stay on top of your goals. An app such as ‘Streaks’ allows you to keep a straight and narrow path in 2017. You notify the app when you have completed tasks, notching up your daily ‘streaks’ as you go. Having a tracker will help visually evaluate your progress and encourage you to either keep the momentum or kick it up a notch.
  • Share your plans
    Letting friends and family know about your plan keeps you accountable. It helps maintain the focus of your goal without having the urge to change your mind or tweak them along the way. Also, consider joining a support group with similar plans, whether it be a fitness class or a group of coworkers who want to quit smoking. Having others to share your struggles and successes helps the journey seem less intimidating. It is encouraging to have like-minded people who know exactly what you are going through to lean on.
  • Open to failure
    There will be bumps and setbacks. It’s the notion of not beating yourself up about it that will help you become successful. Part of embracing your goals is accepting that failure is part of the process. It’s having the confidence and commitment to jump back in the saddle instead of declaring defeat that will allow you to better yourself in 2017.
  • Lift your spirits
    When your willpower starts wearing down, do things that put you in a good mood! Watch a funny movie, get outside, crank the tunes. Giving yourself a break and allowing for some R&R will help re-focus on your goals.
  • Value what you are doing
    Give your resolutions priority and don’t let it fall to the back burner. Rewarding yourself when you’ve reached your mini goals will help you stick to your resolution. Hold your goal with value and realize that it doesn’t all need to be pinned on January 1st. If it is more fitting for you to begin next Monday or even February 1st, than do so. Decide on a starting date and stick to what is best for you.
  • Embrace Change
    Change is good! It allows you to learn and create new experiences. Life in your comfort zone is easy: you follow a routine and can predict the consequences. Outside of the comfort zone challenges your opinions, abilities, and mindset. This change allows you to be more adaptable and flexible, and permits you to accept the chaos and unexpectedness that promises to come.

 “What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.” – Vern McLellan.

Keeping your New Years resolution is about developing the right skills, executing strategies, and having patience on your side. Following the RESOLVE tips will keep you encouraged and motivated as we get under way with 2017. This year is about YOU. It’s about knowing your worth, focusing on your goals, and persevering throughout the year. Cheers to 2017!

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