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Platforms have had their moment in the sun. While the sky-high shoe is still very much so on trend, kitten heels are coming out of the sidelines. The lower and significantly more comfortable shoe has slowly been making its ascent for the past year. The women who cannot live without their super high heels, will have to learn to adjust because kitten heels are here to stay.

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Kitten heels were first introduced in the 1950’s. The shoe was made for young girls who were a bit too young to wear high heels. Kitten heels were sometimes even referred to as trainer heels. In the 1960’s, there was a shift. Teenagers and older women began to wear them. Audrey Hepurn was one of the starlets to lead the trend.

All high heel pumps do not need to be disposed of as there still is a time and place that they are appropriate and necessary. Kitten heels are a classic style shoe that elevate office looks and can add a bit of edge to an otherwise casual look. It is a way of getting away with wearing heels without appearing overdressed.

There is no denying that kitten heels do not ooze the sex appeal that high heels do. Due to the origin, the low heels can be reminiscent of something your grandmother might have worn. There are ways to keep kitten heels fresh and young though. When worn the right way, this is not your grandmother’s shoe.

Pair With Classic Pieces

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Mix old with new. Try pairing a kitten heel with a chic Jackie O inspired blazer. A slim cut trouser will compliment both the shoes and the blazer. It is effortlessly chic.

Mix With Denim and Leather

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Jeans and kitten heels are the perfect combinations. The sophisticated pump instantly dresses up your look without being too over-the-top. A leather jacket will add some toughness and will also insert a bit of youth into your outfit.

Wear With a Mini Dress

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Mini dresses are always tricky to wear. The hardest part is usually finding a shoe that doesn’t take the dress from cute to scandalous. Kitten heels are the perfect pairing with a short length dress. The shoes allow you wear the mini without looking inappropriate.

Couple with Dramatic Prints or Colors

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Since your shoes will be so understated, you can go a little crazy with the print or color that you wear. The subtle heel will flatter any dramatic outfit while also preventing it from getting too crazy.

Kitten heels are the perfect combination of comfort and style. The shoes are versatile and compliment so many looks. With the right pairing kitten heels are the farthest thing from geriatric.

Alexa AlfonsoWritten by: Alexa Alfonso

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