By: Jan Silver

London Fashion Week is a place to discover trends, preview new styles and hob-knob with the celebrities seated in the frow (front row). It’s also a great place to be introduced to the newest up and coming designers. Here are the top 3 London based designers which you’re gonna want to start following… we mean right now!

Alice Archer

alice-archer-lfw-190216-05Alice Archer LFW 1
A graduate from the Royal College of Art, Archer got her big break in fashion after being discovered by Simon Burstein of Browns. Burstein found himself in awe of Archer’s elaborate floral embroidery and rich fabrics and set up The Place London for her to showcase her work. Her unique combination of print and embroidery, with the use of color and texture make Archer one to watch! From sheer blouses and fading floral prints to dresses embellished with prints, Archer’s really excels at adding old-world elegance to modern styles and silhouettes. Follow Archer at @theplace_london to be inspired by her lust worthy feminine embroidery pieces with a modern flare.

Danielle Romeril

Photo credit Danielle Romelli
Photo credit Danielle Romelli

Danielle Romeril 2
Romeril broke onto the scene in 2013 when she launched her first collection for London Fashion Week. After gaining recognition and support from Topshop and the British Fashion Council under their NEWGEN program, she was able to show off her “youthful and relaxed aesthetic” to a much larger audience. Romeril’s eye-catching pieces have a “subversive edge,” which makes her collections standout from the pack, season after season! From cut out sleeves to zippered skirts her pieces are truly unique. Follow her at @danielle_romeril and check out her website to see more of Romeril’s experimental trendy style.

Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis 2
photo credit: Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis photo 1
With a focus on “razor-shop tailoring” and detail, Lewis uses his clothes to tell the story of the type of woman he designs for. “Women who map fresh connections between old school and new. Women who can move to the samba beat of [Lewis’ native homeland] Brazil, and who casually embody the tailored elegance of London.” What makes Lewis one of the top designers to watch isn’t just his perfectly cut pieces, but he also develops his own rich textiles, both knits and fabrics, in-house. Lewis developed his love of fashion during his travels around the world. He learned more about the industry while working as the assistant of Andre Leon Talley, contorting editor at VOGUE before focusing in on tailoring at Norton & Sons and E. Tautz on Savile Row. Follow Lewis @alexanderlewis to see more of his perfectly tailored silhouettes and innovative fabrics with a global influence. Or check out his website.


Janine Silver

Written by: Fashion journalist, Jan Silver


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