It seems like everyday there’s a new beauty trend making waves. This time, it’s semi-permanent eyebrows!

Recently I was drawn to raise an eyebrow when I saw a segment on microblading on Good Morning America. What exactly is microblading, and why are people doing it?

Lets face it, few of us are lucky enough to be blessed with eyebrows the likes of Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields or Cara Delevingne, to name a few. Well, for those who have always longed for a more shapelier, fuller brow, microblading offers a semi-permanent, non-surgical solution for anyone who has spent countless mornings filling in their brows with a pencil for that perfectly manicured brow line. Bella Thorne is just one of the celebrities to take her own eyebrows to task with the procedure. She even snapchatted her experience! at Microblading LA.

So What Exactly is Microblading? And How is it Done?

The process is a lot like the tattoo process. Unlike tattooing though, which uses a machine, a hand-held microblade is used to apply very fine, hair-like lines to the brow. These hand-drawn lines are intricately applied to blend in with your natural eyebrow hairs. While tattooing is permanent, microblading lasts anywhere from 1-3 years. The final results of microblading are different than those seen with makeup tattooing. Microblading results in more natural, subtler results than those seen with makeup tattoo.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The entire process usually requires two appointments. The first appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. After a consultation, the technician then outlines the desired brow with a waterproof pencil, which gives the client a chance to preview the desired shape. Next comes the actual microblading. Most technicians apply a topical numbing cream, which can have effects that last up to an hour after the procedure. After the first appointment, there is generally a follow-up consultation 4-5 weeks later, at which time the final results will start to be visible. This appointment allows for the client to make any adjustments they see fit to achieve their desired look.

How Much Does it Cost? Is It Safe?

You might be wondering how much is microblading? Prices vary, but most procedures generally runs between $700-800. It’s a beauty investment, so think about if it’s the right thing for you. Do your research first. Like any skin procedure, there are some potential risks involved. Because it uses a blade, microblading does open you to the risk of possible scarring. Also, be sure of exactly the look you want. While the process is only semi-permanent, it is something you’ll have to commit to (and wake up to) approximately the next 2 years. So be thorough and confident with your decision. Make sure your esthetician has experience in microblading and review their previous work. Have a consultation beforehand to discuss the look you’d like to achieve and weigh all the options. If you’re not confident on the initial consultation, like any opinion, it’s always a good idea to get a second one.

Liz HazardWritten By: Liz Hazard

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