Traveling can be an exciting adventure into the unknown, but it can also expose you to new dangers. If you are traveling solo, either for work or for studies, you can learn a lot of important life lessons just by going through the process of traveling alone, and this is often the case when studying abroad. If you are to study abroad in a country like America, you may want to look into something like Cultural Care Au Pair, a program that gives you the chance to be an au pair while on your studies, allowing you to earn money while you complete your course. Before you embark on your next adventure, make sure to check off these things to do before traveling. Here are some important and useful tips for staying safe while traveling. While staying safe while travelling is imperative, you will also want to make sure that your home is safe while you are away. You may want to install a security system into your home to give yourself some ease of mind while you are away. If so, you may want to check some home security cameras reviews to help you get started. So, bon voyage and safe travels!

Take note of travel warnings

woman traveling abroad travel safety safe travelsTo ensure safe travels, it’s worth always checking travel warnings the week before you fly off. If there’s an expected hurricane on its way or the country is in the middle of a civil war, you may want to put off your travel plans. By and large, most countries are safe and shouldn’t be a concern, but it’s always safe to check.

Consider whether you need vaccines

Getting jabs could be important before jetting off to certain countries where there may be a risk of lethal diseases such as typhoid or malaria. Your local clinic should be able to arrange these vaccines. They may need to be done over a series of weeks, so leave yourself enough time before you travel.

Bring a first aid kit

A first aid kit is always handy to pack in case you get an injury. Consider bandages, antiseptic and potentially some painkillers. One of my friends decided to store his in his motorhome which he was able to afford, thanks to Auto Finance Online.

Pack any prescription medication

Also consider any prescription medicine you may need for allergies or medical conditions. You may not be able to get access to it abroad. Just in case you lose this medication, it’s worth taking documentation of your prescription. We also like to pack over-the-counter medicine such as Tylenol or other medicine. It is better to have the brands you prefer instead of trying to decipher instructions in a foreign language. Trust us, we’ve been here before!

Research into local emergency services

911 won’t help you abroad. So, make sure that you know the local emergency number or the whereabouts of at the local hospital in case you have an accident. If you’re climbing a mountain or going somewhere particularly hostile, you may want to alert air ambulance professionals such as these air evac team leaders. Keep your phone charged at all times so that you can always contact these services.

Stay safe in the sun

Sunburn isn’t just painful, it’s potentially dangerous. It’s the biggest cause of skin cancer and this risk increases after the age of 30. Bring some sunscreen, stay in the shade or keep covered up with clothes. Always remember to hydrate as well.

Check if it’s okay to drink the water

In some countries, the water isn’t as clean as we’re used to back home. While the locals are used to this water quality, it can give tourists an upset stomach. You’re best avoiding water unless sold out of a bottle. Also, be careful of drinks with ice as this ice could be frozen tap water.

safe travels woman traveling abroad travel safety desert

Be wary of local wildlife

Needless to say, some countries also come with dangerous wildlife. This isn’t something to worry about in most urban environments. But it could be worrisome if you’re planning to trek through the Amazon rainforest. Also, be wary of traveling to certain places without a professional guide.

Buddy up

When it comes to crime-related dangers, you’re always best traveling with somebody else to avoid getting targeted. There are sites that can allow you to find travel buddies. If you currently don’t have anyone to travel with, you may consider the buddy system. Find someone you trust on these sites and consider taking part of your trip with them.

Trust your instincts

It’s easy to get coerced into doing something dangerous or going with someone that you don’t trust. Listen to your instincts. If you’ve got a bad feeling about something, you’re best avoiding it as it’s probably for the better.

Travel is an exciting venture. As with your packing checklist, take the time to check off this safety checklist as well. In the meantime, enjoy your time away on holiday and safe travels!

Feature photo: Paula May / Unsplash

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