Incredible Benefits of This Superfood, Spirulina

Incredible Benefits of This Superfood, Spirulina

Have you ever heard of Spirulina? Well, if you haven’t, it is mainly known as an exotic, blue-green algae super food that provides many distinctive health benefits. While you may be somewhat familiar with chlorella (a more commonly known green-algae super food), spirulina is its divine counterpart in a sense. Follow on below to find out the unique health benefits of adding Spirulina to your diet or lifestyle:

Increase your mood and energy

Spirulina is a super food, which basically means that it has a high quality content of nutrition that will please your body. The effects of taking Spirulina on a regular basis include a rise in overall energy and mood. Let’s face it, when we feel energized, we naturally feel lighter in our moods. You can even play around with Spirulina and add it to your smoothie, soup, or salad. Or try freezing it for a fun kind of flavor. adds that, “Dr. Oz recommends combining 1 tsp spirulina powder with 12 oz lime juice and freezing the mixture in ice cube trays for a healthy boost.” This makes for a high energy snack as frozen Spirulina has a unique chemical composition where it can release excess sugar from your cells which in turn better enhances metabolic energy; this helps with digestion and speeds up circulation. Win-win!

Fat burning!

Losing weight is always on our minds if we are not totally on track with ourselves. We want to feel our best, and with that comes the ideal weight for us. Spirulina can certainly help with that. Spirulina is a high quality nutrient-dense food that additionally has lots of protein to help encourage your body to naturally shed the excess fat. Adding this type of protein to your diet helps you sustain that lean muscle tissue and this further leads to fat burning. If you choose to add Spirulina to your diet, try it out during the morning, which is the ideal time to get that protein in so it can do the work like metabolize; this also keeps you fuller longer so that you don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for various snacks throughout the day.

Decreases blood pressure and overall cholesterol levels

Spirulina does a great job of lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels over time. states that, “Phycocyanin is a pigment found in the spirulina that scientists have discovered possesses antihypertensive effects (it lowers blood pressure).” In essence, specific cholesterol levels including serum triglycerides and LDL can even be minimized with Spirulina as well. The best way for your body to adjust to Spirulina and its many benefits would be to make it a part of your daily lifestyle. Start by trying it a little at a time and keep increasing the quantity (as much as you feel works for you) until you reach the desired daily recommendation.

Helps with Detoxing heavy metals

Metal toxicity is prevalent globally in different ways. By consuming concentrations of metals through diet and/or drinking unclean or unfiltered water, overtime our bodies tend to store the metals which lead to poisoning. If there are high concentrations of a certain metal present in your drinking water, this can lead to metal toxicity, so always get a filter or test your water for purity levels. However, Spirulina does a great job of breaking down the metals and removing them from your system in a natural fashion.

Clear out your congestion and excess inflammation

Whether you have allergies during the winter or spring, congestion anytime is no fun. You feel stuffed, inflamed, and possibly filled with sinus infections. Spirulina can help reduce the inflammation prevalent in the body that makes you allergy-prone. adds that, “Spirulina is effective at reducing itching, nasal discharge, nasal congestion and sneezing.”

So the next time you are in a mood to restore your energy level, lower your overall cholesterol or lose weight, and remove excess inflammation within your body, try this exclusively potent nutritional super food also known as the blue-green algae, or Spirulina.

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