Whether you plan on spending time at the beach, lake, mountains or at the park this summer, you’ll need the right accessaries for both style and comfort. Summer is the perfect time for expression. Different pieces of clothing can enhance your overall summer look. You can easily create unique looks that fit your personal style by incorporating different types of accessories to it. So whether you are looking for a simple chic look or a versatile complex one, follow on below for some common accessories to freshen up your overall summer appearance.

 A Sun Hat completes your look

Hats are in! Big, small, or curvy, hats will make your look seem seamlessly put together. Hats not only protect you from the sun, but they additionally add a sense of sophistication to any outfit and even may complete your look. And if you don’t have the time to fix your hair up throw on a hat to hide that bed head. Glamour suggests a Eugenia Kim hat which you can purchase from Bloomingdales at 100 bucks.

The perfect pair of Sunglasses

Everyone needs a good pair of shades. They make you feel and look good. Finding the right pair of shades takes dedication, since you want to look cool, chic, and effortless all at the same time. Glamour suggests unique and quirky sunglasses by TOMS, which value at $179 from Nordstrom.

A Bag that holds it all in

Let’s not forget the summer bag. A nice, big, comfy bag is all you need when you have to throw a towel, makeup, and some snacks in and get going to your next party. Glamour.com mentions the Tote with beach mat bag which sells at around 110 bucks, which can be found at Needsupply.

Simple Summer Sandals

Comfortable summer shoes are always imperative to have. You can take long walks and have your feet supported along the way or sit out by the pool and still have comfy and classy sandals for everyone to enjoy looking at. Glamour suggests Sandals at only 60 bucks from Gap Your feet will thank you!

This summer, get into the spirit of accessorizing. Whether you want to experiment with a colorful hat, an oversized bag, or a unique pair of sandals, mix and match until you find that perfect look for your next summer adventure.

LavitaWritten By: Levita Galinsky

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