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Happy vernal equinox 2016. This is officially the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal and growth. We are excited to welcome this new season which brings warmer weather, sunshine and happiness . Here is our Sunday round-up from last week’s stories.

A fresh take on floral for spring fashion model posing with flowers

Story line: How should we incorporate flowers in our wardrobe this spring? The floral prints are obviously nothing new but there are some funky fun ways to incorporate floral into your outfits and not look like you’re about to go to a garden party.  This articles provides some great tips on what to wear and how to wear it.

Key takeaway:  Floral doesn’t just mean wearing dresses with flowers on them.  Don’t be afraid to be bold, wear the floral pants, add a military style jacket to your floral dress, crop it and go retro.  Take a look at styles by Oscar De La Renta, ASOS, 7 For All Man Kind, Just Cavalli and Sachin & Babi’s for some great floral pieces this spring.

Designer Amy Newton on Cultro Culturo photo 4

Story line:  We had a chance to catch up with designer Amy Newton who is the founder of clothing line, Cultro.  She has a fascinating background, and full of ideas on how to bring culture into professional clothing for the career woman.

Key takeaway: In this interview, Amy gives us insight to what inspires her, why she created this line, the future of Cultro and what she is hoping to accomplish in the future.  She is an inspiration to many women who want to make their dreams a reality.

Can the athleisure wear trend get any bigger?

photo by: shop.lululemon.com

Story line:  Who would have thought people like wearing gym cloths out to school, work, lunch or running errands?  I don’t think any of us could have predicted the love for athleisure clothing even five years ago.

Key takeaway:  Many designers new and old are launching their athleisure wear, like Rag & Bone, Gypsy Sport and DKNY.  New York Fashion Week was the place many of the designers introduced their new line.  Love it or hate it, this trend is here to stay.

5 life lessons I learned as a ballerina Little girl dancing with pointe shoes, older classmates warming up at the barres

Story line:  Ballet is in many ways reflective to how we live life on a daily basis. Where on the outside it may appear perfect at first glance, there are many precise details to getting it just right.  This story is told by a professional ballet dancer and the lessons she learned from this classical dance that translates to everyday life.

Key takeaway:  Competition could be your illusion, life is about balance and stability, there is importance in beauty of expression, connect your mind and body, and showing up to practice is half the battle.

8 best low impact workouts than can give you results

Meditation near the sea on sunset

Story line: You want to lose weight or just exercise to be healthy but your body simply can’t take the high impact workouts.  What’s the alternative?  This article highlights some great low impact workouts you can try.

Takeaway:  Stair climbing, walking, light resistance training, elliptical, rowing, yoga, hiking and pilates are great alternative to high impact workouts.  Give it a try.

Four skinny smoothies to help you cleanse Smoothies.

Story line:  Spring is a great time to cleanse your system and detox. This doesn’t mean you should go on a “juice it” diet because we all know that never works long term.  These are just a few great vegan recipes for days you choose to eat lighter but not with a minimized nutritional quality of foods.  Read full article for these great vegan recipes.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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