Top Fitness Trends in 2017 That We Love


With 2017 well under way, many fitness trends continue to spike in popularity, and others newly emerge, making a name for themselves in the fitness world. These trends are supported by many, and will continue to gain attractiveness as the year goes on. Below are our top six trends that have proven to have an impact in today’s ever-competitive fitness market.

  • Customized online training

    As great as it is to have your own personal trainer – people often don’t have the time or money to maintain one. Introduce the Netflix of workout programs- customized online training. Stream these workouts from the privacy of your home, on your own equipment and on your own schedule. All the while still maintaining personalized, specific-for-you workouts. Popular programs for 2017 include ibodyFit, Train Online and Daily Burn. These programs have an abundance of variety and personalization, all while taking a modern standpoint on health and fitness. Just as fitness transitioned from the gym to home videos and DVDs, online fitness training represents the next forward shift in today’s personal fitness.

  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts are popular because they pack a powerful 3 in 1 punch- quick, accessible, and killer results. Instead of spending a longer time exercising at a moderate rate, HIIT engages in short bursts of movement at a high tempo pace. Hitting your maximum heart rate more frequently means you burn substantial calories in only 20 to 30 minutes. The benefits here are extensive as it builds endurance quickly and steadily.

  • Team- Based Workouts

One of 2017’s biggest trends is group training. Whether it’s signing up at your local gym for its lunch time Crossfit program, a barre + cardio fusion class, or an in-studio Standup Paddleboard (SUP) workout.  Group and team trainings have been making a big name for itself today. Some spin studios are gaining team-inspired workouts by dividing the class into groups and competing for the highest overall energy output, which is shown on scoreboards in class.

  • Cage Fighting Studios

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and gaining more dominance for women specifically. This popular sweat provides full body workouts while activating not only muscle strength, but mental toughness and concentration. Kickboxing alone can kill roughly 750 calories per hour.  The cardio conditioning that this sport provides is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. MMA provides a large toning component to your workout because it forces you to engage all the muscle groups in your body.  Because of these huge benefits, it’s no wonder that some of the fashion’s fittest bodies are turning to martial arts for its silhouette sculpting results.

  • Activity trackers

Activity trackers have come a long way since the first Fitbit. Most trackers today record everything from steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleeping patterns. They are popular devices that promote personal bests and friendly competition with your peers. They are valuable, responsive, and stylish to boot. The Garmin vívosmart HR is arguably the most feature-packed, well-rounded and highly regarded wearable in today’s current market. This design features GPS run tracking, smart notifications, water resistance and daily activity tracking. Other notable trackers trending in 2017 are Fitbit Alta, Misfit Ray and the Misfit Shine 2.

  • Pole Workouts

A pole can provide much more than a few tantalizing moves, as experts say pole classes are sweat inducing and effective workouts.   All with the added benefit of learning how to flaunt your body and boost your confidence. Pole dancing reaches muscles in the entire body, making it a great isometric and cardio workout wrapped in one.  And above its feel-good and flirty techniques, pole workouts are great for your bones and joints as it is a low impact sport.

Working out has long proven its physical and psychological benefits.  It’s also increasingly evident that mixing up your workout is what’s best for your body. The fitness trends in today’s market all incorporate a sense of stylish zest to your workout.  They help break you out of any workout funk by adding creative flare, variations, and meritable results.

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