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The world of fitness and health is always changing! What’s in style one year is often out within a year or two, and it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully, fitness trends tend to improve and streamline the “getting in shape” process, helping us to continue making progress toward being healthy and fit.

If you want to stay current, here are a few of the latest fitness trends to follow in the 2nd half of 2016:

Fitness Trackers 

Fitness trends

Yes, there are A LOT of people wearing Apple Watches, Garmin VivoFits, and Samsung Gear devices this year! Thanks to the connectivity of these devices, they are easily integrated into whatever fitness tracking/diet/weight loss apps you are using to get in shape. They are becoming more popular as people realize how helpful they can be.  They help with monitoring daily activity, eating habits, and even sleep routines.

Bodyweight Training 

Fitness trends

While resistance training and weightlifting isn’t going anywhere, more people are realizing that functional fitness is much more important than the ability to bench press 200 pounds. Functional fitness is the strength, endurance, and energy to carry out your daily activities. Bodyweight training is taking it “back to the basics”.  It helps people to be fit according to their bodyweight and fat mass. The exercises range from simple ones like Push-ups and Pull-ups to more complex ones like Dragon Flags and Handstand Push-ups. The result: people getting fitter and slimming down without bulking up.

Fitness and Wellness Tourism 

Fitness trends and travel

Most of us have a perception of tourists as being only people who travel to other countries to visit historic sites, see beautiful architecture, and enjoy delicious food. But this year has been the year for fitness and wellness tourism: people are traveling around the world for outdoor adventures and wellness retreats. Hiking, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, snow sports, and water sports are all increasing in popularity as more and more people are taking up athletic activity in order to get fit. Wellness programs that focus on healthy eating and weight loss retreats are springing up all around the world.

Self-Defense Workouts 

Fitness trends

Martial arts workouts have been popular since the 90s, but it’s only in 2016 that these types of “kick butt” workouts are gaining traction. Inspired by fighters like Ronda Rousey or high-octane action movies, more people–men and women alike–are taking up classes that revolve around martial arts training. Boutique studios are offering specialized classes for women, while boxing gyms are seeing an influx of men wanting to get in shape. Even regular gymgoers are signing up for more classes that involve boxing, MMA, or martial arts-related activities.

Functional Fitness 

running long distance, run, fitness

As mentioned above, functional fitness involves developing the strength, endurance, and energy to carry out the activities of daily life. This type of fitness can’t only be achieved through lifting weights.  Not even bodyweight training will be enough. People are integrating movements like rowing, cycling, running, and plyometrics movements into their workouts.  This is to enhance their functional fitness and develop more well-rounded conditioning.

Mobility Training 


Yes, stretching is coming back in style! With so many people working sedentary desk jobs, mobility and flexibility training is vital to keep their musculoskeletal system working well. More people are incorporating mobility movements into their workouts.  They are spending more time stretching in order to counteract the effects of hours of sitting.

Online and Tech-Based Fitness 

Mobile App Fitness-min

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, online and tech-based fitness just got a whole lot easier! Increasing number of people are finding ways to work out with their phones or computers.  They are signing up for web-based fitness programs like BodyRock, DailyHIIT, Betty Rocker, and even the Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness programs. Fitness smartphone apps also make it easier for people to fit in a good workout on the go or at home.

If you are trying to get or stay fit in 2016, these are the fitness trends you can expect to see a whole lot more of!

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