turning 30 happy womanDread turning 30? You’re not alone. Some feel hitting that third decade will cause a total life meltdown. All you think about is how old you are getting. Your life is “over” as your imaginary wrinkles are starting to appear. Turning 30 can seem pretty scary and intimidating. But, have you heard that your 30’s could actually be the best years of your life?


So much can happen when you’re in your 30s. Life is ahead of you and you have so much potential to do some great things. All you have to do is embrace the age that you’ve become, focus on yourself, and work through your 30’s like a true boss. Still, if all you can think about is the stress of turning 30, have a read of the article below. Let us show you how your best years are only to come!

You Stop Caring!

So, most women in their 30’s say these are the best years because you simply stop caring about the things you used to worry about. From the friends you used to wish you had more of, to the looks you wish you could create. In your younger years you often find that all you’re worried about is trying to please others. You lead the life that you think you should do and not want you want to do. But when you turn 30, you soon realize that this all changes. You have all of the people around you that you need. And, looking back at your 20s, you’ve actually accomplished quite a lot. 

You Deal With Your Issues

Ok, so turning 30 and moving forward through your 30’s is obviously going to bring a few issues. We didn’t want to say it in this article, but you will be getting older, and with old age definitely does come a problem or two. One thing that a lot of women notice starts to go downhill is their sight and their hearing. America Hears is just one company you could turn to if you feel like you’re slightly losing your hearing. But don’t think that it is anything at all to be worried about. It’s so natural for this to happen, and it’s not like people are going to see that you have a hearing aid in. As for your sight, why not try some contacts if it’s the glasses that you really hate!

You Focus On Your Happiness

If you’ve turned 30 already and you haven’t started doing this, then you really need to think about the big mistake you’re making! Your happiness should be your number one priority, and doing anything you can to achieve it should be your aim. Sometimes it might mean losing a job, or losing a few people along the way, but life is definitely too short not to focus on your happiness.

Turning 30 may seem like the end of the world. You feel like you’re getting OLD. Wrinkles are coming on and life gives you more responsibilities. The truth is, your whole life is still ahead you and there is so much to look forward to!

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