As we fall in love, the initial feeling of shock and hormonal alertness might evoke certain aspects of mystery. However, we don’t typically analyze love, we just fall and hope that special someone matches all our needs and desires. This only furthers the mystery and moves farther away from reality and the simplicity of love and honest communication. Therefore, in an effort to unveil the mystical eccentricities of love follow on below to find out how to simplify love in a realistic manner:

Ego deflation

When a relationship encourages personal growth, the ego does not need to be so incessantly stroked. However, when we fall in love and lose our ability to maintain self-respect because we want to keep the mystery alive and not dive into the simplicities, we begin subconsciously building up our partners’ ego and creating a lack of balance within the given relationship. The simplicity here would be to understand that ego needs to be brought down to a humble or neutral level for a relationship to evolve and prosper accordingly. You will have to choose between compromising your partner and compromising self-respect.

Sympathetic listening

You can tell me how much you love me, but if you are not consistently showing it through accurately honest intentions, those words are ineffectively exhausting to keep hearing. Communication, respect, and understanding all evoke a simple approach to that of love. More than just loyalty and commitment to the relationship unity, there are aspects of deep connection that we don’t engage in simple because we are unaware of the power in them. Creating a strong foundation along with sympathetic listening, ultimately go hand in hand (pun intended). Sympathetic listening is listening to your partner without having an answer already built in the mind from previous thoughts or preconceived notions. It is about dealing with the issue at that time, being presently thoughtful, and offering quality solutions.

Archaic traditions

In a relationship, two individuals are joined as one and together the learning and living begins to develop; this is where traditions enter the picture. We all know and respect many aspects of unique traditional events. Whether that is family, religious, or cultural, traditions are able to shape our minds and play an important role in our lifestyle habits and quite possibly our day to day decision making. However, if we blindly follow something without ever questioning or understanding it, we are doing a great disservice to ourselves. After all, the basis for having a tradition is to encourage the evolvement of our minds and growth of our awareness and kindness. So in terms of love, let us understand what our traditions are as a couple so that we do not coerce each other to follow or stop following a particular tradition. Love is simply getting to make choices together that encourage that sense of spiritual growth. By unveiling the mystery of your individual and collective traditions, you are creating a simple realization of love rather than keeping yourself pressurized or closed off from your feelings about it.

At the end of the day, we love to love and that is why we fall victim to losing ourselves in the process. We get intoxicated by the mystery of love that we keep it veiled until we realize that every layer of unveiling releases a hidden truth about ourselves or about what we have to learn in order to receive self-love first and foremost followed by true love.

LavitaWritten By: Levita Galinsky

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