We all know digestive health is one of the main contributors to a vital and fulfilling lifestyle. If the digestion is easy breezy, there is a feeling of ease and balance within the body where you get irritated less, enjoy life more, and are able to get things done without much digestive discomfort. Here is where Probiotics come into play. Probiotics (also known as friendly bacteria), are live microorganisms that essentially help promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system. Follow on below for some practical benefits of taking Probiotics:

Decreasing blood pressure

Lowering your cholesterol levels is the first step to getting you on a healthy path. When the liver is backed up (this occurs when toxins don’t leave the system or when the liver is overwhelmed through poor dietary/lifestyle choices), bile salts are formed and the digestion becomes overworked. Since the liver uses cholesterol, lowering it will promote an easy trip through your digestion system. Taking a probiotic-specifically Lactobacillus reuteri (which is found in dairy foods) might help lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol), therefore lowering your overall blood pressure.

Improving your mouth/gums/teeth

Your smile is the first thing you and everyone else see when they look at you. If you have poor oral hygiene, you might be at risk for heart disease and diabetes. A probiotic easily reduces gingivitis and kills the bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay. In the long run, this protects your teeth and gums.

This one is for the ladies

Ladies, if you are prone to getting yeast infections or urinary tract infections (UTIs), consider taking probiotics to relieve that itch and prevent overgrowth of harmful bacteria down there. The vagina is a delicately balanced environment of good and bad bacteria, where it can easily get out of that homeostatic state simply when taking antibiotics or birth control pills. To help you balance the bacteria in your vagina, take some probiotics.

Increase Gut-brain connection

The gut-brain connection is a relatively new idea that the gut is your second brain, sending neurotransmitters to your actual brain to keep you alert and in control. That is why when you eat something and get bloated or constipation occurs, the brain might begin to feel cloudy because the neural signals are a bit off from your gut to your brain. The reason that you might get bloated after a particular food might be because you are currently sensitive to it or you might be missing out on probiotics. For this reason, probiotics might enhance your gut-brain neural connection by increasing your bowel movements and improving your ability to think clearer while having fewer mood swings.

Types of Probiotics

Now that you know how probiotics can contribute to your digestive and immune health, you will want to eat some! Since probiotics are live bacteria they naturally occur in some foods. So when you don’t want to take them in supplement form (which is still a great alternative), you have the option of deriving probiotics from: Greek yogurt or live-cultured yogurt, fermented vegetables (sauerkraut or kimchi), and even some types of dark-chocolate.

The take away is simple: a robust digestive system enhances your overall health by increasing accurate absorption of vital vitamins and minerals while minimizing all sorts of inconveniences like bloating, gas, heart burn, etc. Taking good quality probiotics plays an important role in maintaining your energy from day to day, so pick up some probiotics today!


LavitaWritten by:  Levita Galinsky

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