Believe it or not, women drivers are in demand! If you love driving, perhaps you should consider a driving career.  After all, driving can be great fun. Being in charge of a vehicle on the open road can give you a wonderful feeling of power and control, which may be missing from other areas of your life. It can help you to see more of the world and get some fresh air. Many people also find that long solo drives are the best way to clear their heads and get rid of any stress. People often find that the solutions to all of their problems appear in the middle of a good drive.

If you love nothing more than getting behind the wheel, and if driving makes you happier and more confident than anything else, then perhaps a career on the road could be right for you. One of these jobs could be your chance to make money doing something that you love. A driving career may just be the thing that will make you happiest! Let’s take a look.


If you like driving long distances on your own and seeing the world, but still enjoy being part of a group, trucking could be the perfect option for you. Truckers can spend hours in the cabin, transporting loads across the country. They make the decisions on the road, they command a huge vehicle, and they get plenty of time to think. But, they are also a part of a group. Truckers share a great comradery with other drivers on the road, at stops and back at base. There are more women truck drivers than ever before too, and many women love their life as a trucker, breaking down the stereotypes.

Taxi Driving

women drivers driving careerThe growth of apps like Uber or Lyft means that driving a cab can be an incredibly flexible job. If you love driving, but also love being around people and meeting new people, taxi driving could be perfect. Especially if you prefer to travel shorter distances.

Cab drivers spend time getting to know passengers, who feel like they can talk to these strangers, as they might never see them again. You’ll hear plenty of gossip and spend time behind the wheel. The flexibility is a plus, especially for women drivers who have a few hours a week to spare. Making extra money can afford for a better work-life balance overall.


If the role of a cab driver appeals to you, but you’d rather just drive with one person, or the same regular clients in a nicer car, working as a chauffeur might be right for you. Over time, you will establish a regular client base. It will be like you are driving for a friend. Having the flexibility of creating your own hours is an added bonus for women drivers who are also maintaining another career in or out of the home.

Driving Instructor

If you love driving, and enjoy doing it properly, avoiding bad habits and obeying the laws of the road, then you might enjoy life as a driving instructor. Many instructors now are self-employed or work for smaller companies. You could use your own car and work your own hours. But, be aware that this means you need to pay or fuel, insurance, and repairs. To be an instructor you need to be knowledgeable, patient and understanding, as well as a great driver.

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